We accept:
1199SEIU National Benefit Fund, Aetna, Aetna EAP, Carelon Behavioral Health formerly known as Beacon Health, Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield, Fidelis, GHI, Optum & United Behavioral Healthcare (commercial plan only), UMR (Pompco Select), Out of Network Insurance & Self Pay, which includes: Cash, personal checks, Credit Cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) are acceptable for payment at the time services are rendered. There is an additional 3.2% fee charged for every credit card transaction made.

We highly recommend that you contact your insurance carrier and ask questions regarding your behavioral health benefits you know what to expect when you come to the office as R&R Therapy is not responsible if your claim is denied.

Be aware that if your check bounces, you are responsible for all fees including an additional $30.00 charge and your checks will not be accepted again.

We offer patients with financial need our sliding-fee program which provides discounted services to income-eligible patients based on federal poverty guidelines. You must request and complete the sliding scale discount program application as the first step to checking eligibility.

We do not turn any clients away due to financial status whether you are insured or uninsured. We can still see you, however you will be considered Out-of-Network, which requires you to pay $135-185 fee out of pocket at the time of service, unless you qualify for our sliding scale discount program.

Many insurance companies provide out-of-network benefits for their patients. This option allows you to receive reimbursement directly from your insurance company.

Please, check with your insurance company prior to your first appointment to find out if these benefits are available to you and how you will file documentation with them after your session. If they are available to you, R&R Therapy Services is willing to provide you with an invoice and any documentation required for you to receive reimbursement.

We collect all payments including co-payments at the start of your service.  If you are completing therapy virtually, all payments are required prior to your service. Please check your policy details to determine the deductibles, coinsurance and copayments you will owe for services rendered. If you have a plan where you must meet a deductible before services are covered in full, and have not met your deductible, we ask that you pay at the time of service.

Yes. R&R Therapy services will provide you with an invoice for every service. You can also visit the client portal to view any billing documents.

Your first step is to call us or book an appointment online. To schedule your initial appointment online, choose psychiatric evaluation service on this website.  If you are a new patient, you will receive an email with a link to your client portal. Through your client portal, you will be expected to review and complete all intake assessments and policy documents. This must be completed 24 hrs prior, to confirm your appointment, otherwise your appointment will be cancelled.

If you call to book an appointment, you will be asked to provide some initial information over the telephone to help us evaluate if R&R Therapy Services is your best treatment option.  You may then be scheduled for an initial evaluation session, which provides an opportunity for you to build rapport with the therapist and provide him/her with some background about yourself and the reasons you are seeking therapy.  In addition, the intake therapist will be able to answer your questions regarding services, fees, confidentiality and what to expect in therapy.

We are interested in developing a collaborative relationship with you in which we try to decide together what kind of treatment would be best for you.

At the end of that first session, you will decide on a mutually agreeable time slot for your therapy sessions; typically, the patient and therapist will meet once a week or as needed, and each session will last approximately 45 minute to 60 minutes. At your second appointment, you will begin working with your therapist to set goals for your therapy experience and then begin working together toward achieving them.

If you have active coverage and a claim is denied, contact your insurance carrier immediately for an explanation of how your claim was processed and why it was denied. Most of the time it is denied only because they need more information. Once your carrier has been contacted, you will have to ask them to reprocess the claim. We cannot re-file it once it has been denied.

Yes. If your claim was denied, you are responsible to pay your balance prior to your next service. Also, if treatment is not covered by your insurance carrier and you do not qualify for out-of-network benefits, you are considered a self pay client.

No, Insurance companies will not pay for missed appointments and this is your responsibility as the patient. We require 24 hours notice for you to cancel or change your appointment.  You can cancel all appointments in advance via your client portal, however if you need assistance, you can call or email the main office or connect with your therapist via your client portal.  Unfortunately, if you notify us in less than 24 hours or do not show for your appointment, you will be charged a $50 late cancellation fee or a $100 no show fee. All payments must be made prior to your next appointment, otherwise your appointment will be canceled.

Yes, We can add you to our therapist’s waiting list.  This means that your name and contact information will be taken in the order in which it was received. Once a therapist is accepting new patients, you will be contacted when your name is reached on the list.