Struggling with everyday tasks, unsure of how to overcome the feelings of doubt and fear?

Notice yourself falling into destructive patterns, unhealthy relationships, and unhealthy coping mechanisms?

Are you yearning for a better version of yourself?

R&R Therapy is here to help!

We want to acknowledge the strength it took to visit this site and moving towards a better you. R&R is here to offer a safe and comfortable environment for individuals to process, resolve and explore ways to reach your highest potential.

We are committed to listening.


Individual Therapy

If you are uncertain about where to turn or how to cope with your thoughts and emotions, individual therapy may benefit you.


Family Therapy

When the family dynamic becomes more complicated, an outside party can provide a neutral and culturally sensitive perspective.

group therapy

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides a safe, non-judgmental, confidential, and universal experience for individuals to process their emotions.


Couples Counseling

Defeated, overwhelmed, and tired of hitting a brick? A neutral party can provide a safe place to help you and your partner heal.

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